Monday, May 11, 2009

Bike and Bunks

Railey is finally riding her bike without training wheels. She used to have a little tiny bike with training wheels and she outgrew it so for her 5th birthday we got her a new bigger bike. She loved it...or at least the looks of it. We couldn't get her to get on it and ride it for anything. So finally a couple of months ago, she decided she would get on it and try. And she got really fast with the training wheels. She was riding up and down the street constantly, but she still wouldn't let us take the training wheels off. Then one day she came in and she was telling me about our little neighbor who is only 4 and rides his bike all by himself. So Rob told Railey she was big enough to ride and if she wanted to ride she had to do it without the training wheels and he went and took them off. He went out and helped her ride for a little while and within no time she was riding all by herself. It was fun to see her be able to do it on her own. After that, all she wanted to do was ride her bike. We told her that she always needed to tell us when she was going to ride and that she needed to have her helmet on. So one evening we were all outside and we were doing some yard work in the back yard while the kids played. Then we hear all this screaming and Railey comes running around the side of the house and she is all bloody. She had just crashed her bike. We didn't even know she was on her bike. I looked in her mouth and it looked like the 2 front teeth (which were already loose) were pretty much just hanging there, along with one tooth on the side. So I thought no big deal..we'll just finish pulling them out. There are just baby teeth. But once we got it to stop bleeding you could see a tear in the gum above the teeth and we couldn't pull them or it would tear it off. So we ended up taking her to a dentist the next morning. They did some x-rays. They said they didn't want the one tooth on the side to come out yet, and they didn't want pull the front 2 until the gum healed some. They also put her on some antibiotics because they thought she already had infection up inside. They couldn't tell but they also thought there may be a fractured on one of the new teeth coming in. So we took her back to the dentist about 4 days later and the gum looked tons better, so he went ahead and took out her 2 front teeth. We have to take her back again next week and they will take x-rays again and see what it looks like. Hopefully everything will be OK and they won't see a fracture or any other damage. I do think however, that she learned her lesson. Wear her helmet. And tell us when she is going to ride. Come to find out, she wasn't wearing her helmet when she crashed, and had she been , she probably wouldn't have even hit her face. But since that day I have not seen her without her helmet. She also thinks its pretty cool to ride her bike up to her bus stop, and then be able to ride it home after school. And she has a lot of fun riding with the kids in the neighborhood. And she does look pretty cute toothless. That tooth fairy lost a lot of money because of that crash.

We got the boys bunkbeds this last week. I wasn't sure how safe it would be to have them while they were so little but because there is just not enough space in their bedroom to put 3 twin size beds, we really didn't have any other option. They had still been sleeping in their crib/toddler beds. We got a new bed a while back so we put our queen size in Railey's room and gave her twin to Robby. So we just need 2 more beds. The little boys have been asking when they were going to get big boy beds like Robby. They were very excited to get their beds. It was so cute. They kept telling me they didn't need their baby beds anymore because they were big boys now. It worked out great because we were able to give the cribs to a family in our ward with twins, and then another family with a baby. I took the boys and went to Payson on Saturday to do some shopping. We got them some bedding sets with cars that matched and they thought that was pretty cool. They actually couldn't wait to get in bed and sleep in their new beds and blankets.
They love climbing up and down the ladder. Ryder especially loves it because yellow is his absolute favorite color.