Friday, September 27, 2013

Bradford Family Pictures 2013

While we had our Bradford Family Reunion this summer, we had some pictures taken of everyone. There was only 2 people missing from the entire family. Rob didn't make it to the reunion and Riley was at boot camp so he wasn't there. So the picture of Keri's family is missing Riley and I just posted a picture of all my kids together without me and Rob since he wasn't there. Here are some of them in random order. First is my brother JJ and his wife Kayela and kids Asa, Trey, and Kayeli.
My sister Sheila and husband Travis with kids TJ, Kyle, and Brinlee
My dad Jerry and all his grandsons minus Riley
My mom Kaye and all her granddaughters
My parents with their 5 children
The entire family minus Rob and Riley
My parents and all their grandchildren minus Riley
My mom and her daughters
My brother Courtney and his kids Dominic and Jade
Our kids Railey, Robby, Ryder, Ranger, and Rexton
My sister Keri and husband Gerald and kids Eric and wife Kira, their baby Evelyn, Brett, Dana, and Devynn. Riley not pictured
My parents Jerry and Kaye
My Dad with his sons

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oak City Days 2013

Once again, the kids had a lot of fun at Oak City Days this year. Railey was in the parade this year dressed as a clown and was the "pooper scooper" They had a lot of fun at the park playing all the kids games. They all did the trout catch. I always get worried because they have to catch the fish by themselves and I worry that someone won't get one and be sad but they all caught one and were happy about it. Our cat had some yummy dinners for a few days.

Little Man Growing

Our little man is growing up so fast. He is on the move. He crawls everywhere and is standing up to everything and walking along the edges of things already. He is going to be walking before we know it. This last year has gone by so fast. He cut his first 2 teeth right at about 10 months old. He actually cut the top two middle ones before any others. He looks like he is getting ready to get some on the bottom now. He is usually a pretty happy little guy and so much fun. We all love him like crazy. He just brightens every day.

Back to School 2013

The kids started back to school on August 14th. They were all ready and excited to go back. Railey is in 6th grade at Delta Middle School this year. She was excited to get back and to be around her friends more. She started band this year. She has decided to play the flute. Seems like just yesterday when I was in middle school and starting band. It is crazy that I now have a child of my own at that stage. The triplets are in 2nd grade at Delta Elementary School. They are in different classes. Robby got Mrs. Lynette Lovell. Ryder got Mrs. Nita Utley. Ranger has Mr. Terry Ferris. I still can't believe they are in 2nd grade already. So far they are liking it and doing well.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Railey's 11th Birthday

Railey turned 11 years old on Sunday, August 4th. We decided this year to let her pick whatever cake she wanted to have made at the bakery. Of all the cakes she could choose from, she chose a Duck Dynasty cake. She loves that show. So this was her cake this year. Such a funny girl. But it was very fitting. We had a few friends over for cake and ice cream that evening. She got a new .22 for her birthday. She had grown out of the one she got for her 4th birthday. She was pretty happy. Can't believe how fast she is growing up. Happy Birthday Railey!! We love you!!

Bradford Reunion 2013

This year for our Bradford Reunion we stayed in town at Mom and Dad's instead of going camping out on the mountain. With new babies, and so many little ones it was a lot easier. We had a lot of fun relaxing and enjoying each others company. There were lots of games and fun things to do. Keri took charge this year in planning the reunion. She did a great job. She had games and a pinata, and an awesome slip and slide. Grandma had crafts for the kids. We all took turns providing and making the meals. They were all great. One day, time was spent writing letters to Riley while he is at bootcamp. My kids were so excited when they got a letter back from him. One afternoon there was karaoke and that was a big hit. It was a great reunion. It is always nice to get the family back together again and spend some time. We had a bunch of photos taken too. I will post them when we get them. Games and fun with the pinata.
Everyone just sitting around visiting and relaxing
My brothers both dozing off. Love it!
This little cutie made me a Great Aunt. This is my nephew Eric's baby Evelyn.
Boys drying off after playing in the water

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catch Up/Rexton is growing up fast

So I have let about 6 months go by without posting anything. It just seems like I don't ever have enough hours in the day to get what I need to done. Railey Spent January and February playing basketball, and the boys spent January, February and March wrestling. Railey also played volleyball in March and April. Between taking them all to practice and games and matches we were always running around. I was glad when everything was done for the season. We got the garden all done and planted in May and it is growing well. We got baby chicks back in March. Rob built a chicken coop and now they are pretty much full grown and we are just waiting for them to start laying eggs. The kids have had a lot of fun watching them grow. They have turned one of them into a pet and it follows them everywhere. Rexton is sure growing like crazy. It seems like we just had him, but he turned 8 months old yesterday. He is so much fun. He is such a happy baby and rarely gets upset or fussy. He is rolling all over the place and sitting up and moving like crazy. I don't think it will be long before he is off and crawling. We are going to be in trouble when he does crawl. He is busy and wants to see and touch everything. He had his first haircut when he turned 7 months old. It was pretty long on top and pretty wild. He looks so much more grown up. Here are a few pictures of him over the last few months.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a good Christmas this year. It seems like it came and went pretty fast. This year was kind of crazy. We had a lot going on. With just having had Rexton at the end of October I was slow to get going on any shopping and getting things done ahead of time. We also blessed Rexton and had the triplets birthday the week before. So by the time I was able to focus on just Christmas it seems like it was gone. We had fun though. The kids got a lot of fun things. Santa brought them all bean bags for the basement so they can watch movies and play the wii downstairs. Hooray!! The boys got new bikes which will be so nice this summer. They were pretty excited because they were "General Lee" bikes. They can't believe they have "Dukes of Hazard" bikes. It has been so cold and snowy though that they haven't gotten to try them out yet. They go to the garage everyday and sit on them and check them out. They can't wait until it is warm enough to get out and ride. Railey got new binoculars which she loves. She loves going out and looking at deer and everything else. Rexton got some fun baby toys and clothes. Next year though, I WILL wrap presents earlier and not wait until 2 days before!

Rexton's Blessing Day

We blessed Rexton on December 15th, 2012 at our home in Oak City. We had a little get together with a few friends and family. Grandma and Grandpa came all the way from Blanding to spend the day with us as well as Richard and Judy Winwood from Salt Lake. Richard was Rob's mission president in Canada. They have stayed very close through the years. And that is where Rexton's middle name comes from. Rob's Uncle Weldon and Aunt Teresa came from Tooelle. We also had some close friends that live nearby here with us. It was a good day. We blessed Rexton and then we had a lunch. After lunch we celebrated the triplets birthday and had cake and ice cream. It was fun visiting and spending some time with everyone. We are very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family who support us. We love them all very much.
Grandma and Rexton
Grandpa and Rexton
Richard Winwood (Rob's mission president) and Rexton

Triplets turn 7!

The triplets turned 7 years old on December 16th. Its hard to believe they are that old already. They are growing up so fast. We celebrated the day before. Their birthday fell on Sunday this year. We had a little get together with friends and family and celebrated their birthday. We also blessed Rexton the same day. The boys got lots of fun things from friends and family. We saved a couple presents for them to open on Sunday. This is a picture of them opening one of them. They loved their hot wheel holders. These boys are crazy when it comes to cars and hot wheels.