Friday, January 27, 2012

Jacobs Scavenger Hunt

Back at Christmas time I was extremely busy. One day I was trying to get all of the neighborhood gifts ready to be delivered and the kids were just driving me crazy and I couldn't get done what I needed to. So Rob decided we needed to find something for them to do. He decided to send them on a scavenger hunt. He made up a list of things for them to either find or do. The list was crazy things that we thought they would never finish but would keep them busy for a while. We also told them if they finished it before 2 hours they would get a reward. So they headed out with this list.

1. Bird Nest
2. Stray Cat (it was to be brought home and shown to us)
3. 4 Feathers
4. 1 Red Rock
5. 1 Dead Spider
6. Do 1 chore for Steve and Ellen (our next door neighbors)
7. Take cookies to the neighbors
8. Find a mouse for Kitty Cow (our cat) (we were sure this would never happen)

They had to bring all the things home and show us so we knew they really did it. I never thought they would catch a stray cat, or find a mouse, and possible wouldn't be able to get to a nest. We have a lot in our trees but I knew they couldn't get up to them. What do you know....THEY FINISHED THE LIST! They found a nest across the street that had fallen out of the tree. They brought home a stray cat (it may have belonged to someone but it didn't have a collar and we hadn't seen it before so we counted it as a stray. They went next door and did chores. Ellen had written to give them bonus points because all 4 had done a chore. They got their feathers from Steve. He gave them pheasant feathers from his pheasant pen. They found all the other things except the mouse but headed out to deliver cookies and on the way back found a mouse in the neighbors lawn. We were shocked they were able to do the whole list. I'll tell you what...We have some seriously ADVENTUROUS kids. They keep us on our toes for sure. Oh, and just in case you are wondering...don't worry...the cookies were all wrapped up and they still washed their hands before delivering. Don't want you to think I was sending out contaminated cookies!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Basketball Girl

Railey decided this year that she wanted to try basketball. She is playing Jr Jazz with other 4th-6th graders. She is having fun and learning a lot. It is great for her to have something that is just for her. She has had 3 games so far and has 6 more. Its fun to watch her. She is normally very shy in front of others but she is coming out of her shell and having a good time. She is number 13.

Getting ready for the game

Warming up and shooting baskets

Favorite People

I had to post this picture because I just LOVE it!! Kids just Hangin' out with dad!

Tooth Fairy is Going Broke

With all the little people in our house it seems like someone always has a loose tooth. Lately the tooth fairy has made several trips to our house. Robby just lost another tooth and Ryder finally lost his first one. He has been quite upset for about 6 months that he hadn't lost one yet. Robby and Ranger both lost 2 this last spring and summer, and now Robby just lost his top 2, but Ryder hadn't yet. He was so excited when he found that he had one loose, and luckily it was loose enough we got it out the next day. He was thrilled to finally get some money like his brothers from the tooth fairy. Now it looks like Railey is getting ready to lose a couple more. The Tooth Fairy is going to be broke!

Christmas 2011

We had a good Christmas. We let the kids see their stockings and the pillow pet that Santa left for them, but we had them wait to open the rest until after church. We had a nice program at church. It was good to have the spirit of Christmas before we started in on all the presents. The kids enjoyed their gifts and they were very happy. It was a great day!
Our Christmas Tree

The kids Stockings and pillow pets from Santa

Kindergarten Christmas Program

The Kindergarten put on a Christmas Program for us. They were told to wear their nicest clothes to school. My boys were so excited to dress up for school. They couldn't wait. Who would have thought they would have wanted to wear church clothes. They looked so cute and handsome. The program was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They did such a good job singing and doing all the actions to all the songs. Afterwards, they kept asking me how much I liked it.




Triplets Turn 6

My baby boys are growing up. They had their 6th Birthday back on December 16th. This year they are in kindergarten so they each got to take a different treat to school to hand out to the class. They were so excited about it because a lot of the kids in their class had already handed out treats on their birthday so they couldn't wait for their turn to be the birthday kid. They had a birthday party with their friends after school. They all had a good time. It was their first party with friends. We made 2 cakes. We had to have one for the party and then one for the family. The kids ate one entire cake at the party. The boys loved their cakes. They love cars so they thought having car cakes was awesome. When they were little I thought we would never make it to this stage. And now that they are in school its hard to believe it came so fast. They are growing up so fast.

The Cakes....Race Car For The Party

Our Version of the General Lee....(The Boys Love the Dukes of Hazard)

Opening Birthday Presents