Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome Baby Rexton

Our new baby Rexton Richard Jacobs joined our family on October 25, 2012. He was born at Delta Community Medical Center in Delta, Utah. He was delivered by Dr. Steven Shamo at 8:15 a.m. by C-section. He weighed 7 pounds 0 ounces. He was 19 inches long. He had dark brown hair and dimples that we noticed right away. He is a beautiful baby. He is a very good baby and very content. We are enjoying him so much. The kids love him to pieces. It is crazy to have a tiny baby in the house again but we love it and couldn't imagine it any other way now. He is now 3 weeks old and doing great. I am healing well and feeling better each day. Here are some pictures of delivery day and a few others.

Deer Hunting

This year Rob went hunting with his muzzleloader for deer. He took a different boy each day so they all had a chance to go hunting with dad. Ranger was the last one to go and they ended up shooting a little spike that day. Ranger was beyond excited to have been there.

Happy Birthday Rob

Rob celebrated his birthday back on September 25th. We got an ice cream cake for him this year. The kids had never heard of ice cream cakes so they thought it was very cool that the whole cake was ice cream.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

The kids started back to school on August 15th this year. Railey is in 5th grade this year. She is now in middle school and has a bunch of different classes. She likes it. She is excited this year to have a locker. She thinks that is "awesome". She was happy to go back to school. She likes school and was getting bored of being home every day. The boys are now in 1st grade. This year they are all in different classes. So far they are liking it a lot. I think it is good for them to be separated for a while during the day to let them be individuals instead of just being 1 of 3. It is challenging to figure out who has to do what for homework but we are getting it somewhat figured out. All 3 of their teachers do things very differently. I am pleased with who they have for teachers. They are all really good. It is so crazy that all the kids are gone all day. It is very strange to be home alone during the day. It is very nice and quiet though. I can get a lot done it a lot less time now. I am enjoying it. The baby will be here before we know and that will change things somewhat but it will still be nice. I find myself thinking that if I chose to I could actually take a nap with the baby. Imagine that! A nap has been a long time coming! The Boys and Dad on the first day of school
Ranger with his Batman lunch box
Ryder with his Cars lunch box
Robby with his SpongeBob lunch box
Railey on the first day of school

Railey Turns 10

Railey turned 10 years old on August 4th. Its hard to believe she is already that old. The years are just flying by. She really wanted a cake with a deer or elk on it. She loves hunting and looking for animals. She is such an animal lover and says she wants to be a vet when she grows up. That wouldn't surprise me a bit if that actually happened. She is a smart girl. Happy Birthday Railey!! We love you!!

No More Tonsils for Railey

On July 11th, Railey had surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. She has always gotten sore throats a lot. Many times it is strep and sometimes it is just infection that gets caught in her throat. We thought maybe she needed to have it done. Her doctor said her tonsils were huge and had evidence of chronic infections and said they needed to be removed. She was pretty miserable for about 8 or 9 days after. We hope that now she will have a better winter, and not have to suffer through. Plus with the new baby coming we don't need any more sickness. I think she will feel much better all winter.

Bradford Reunion

We had our Bradford Reunion back in July. It was a lot of fun. We went camping on the Elk Mountain. It was nice to sit back and relax for a few days. The kids enjoyed running free. Keri and Gerald brought a pinata for the kids which they loved. We played games and sat around and visited. We had lots of good food. A lot of the kids carved their own walking stick with their pocket knives. It was a great weekend. Grandma throwing darts
Grandpa throwing darts
Railey with her walking stick
Kids looking at all the treasures from the pinata

Clay Springs Fire

Back on June 27th, we had a pretty scary experience. I had taken the kids to the Resevoir in Delta for a picnic and to go swimming for the afternoon. We were having a great time. I noticed a huge smoke cloud way out in the distance and pointed it out to Railey. I wondered where the fire was. Within just a few minutes I got a call on my cell phone from the emergency dispatch at the sheriff's office. It was a recording telling me there was a fire by Oak City and that we needed to be prepared in case it got worse and possibly had to evacuate. I got the kids out of the water and we headed home. We got almost to Oak City and you could see the fire and how big it was. We watched the planes and helicopters dumping fire retardant and water and couldn't believe how huge the fire was. We got home a few minutes later and my phone rang again saying we were having mandatory evacuations and that we needed to leave Oak City. We hurried and packed a few important items and paper documents and few favorites items. The kids were hysterical. They were so scared. The whole town was just black smoke. We got in our cars and headed out of town. We went to the stake center in Delta where the Red Cross was there and took care of everyone until we knew what was going to happen. We ended up staying in a motel in Delta for the night. The next day we were allowed to return home. As we drove into town it was unbelievable how black everything was. No homes were lost, which is truly a miracle. There are many that should have burned. Power lines were burned down. It looked so desolate and it still does. There were news crews all over and fire people everywhere. Two of our neighbors are firefighters here in Oak City and were badly burned. They are doing very well now and are recovering well. For a couple weeks our little town was quite crazy. The fire ended up burning over a 100,000 acres. Oak City has since been preparing for floods. Our entire mountain is burned and we are not allowed to even drive up there anymore. Its sad. But we are very grateful for the protection that was with us. These picture were taken from our house.

Friday, June 15, 2012

20 Week Ultrasound

I had a routine ultrasound this week. We were told everything looks really good. We were able to find out what we are having. ITS A BOY!! It's hard to believe we will have 4 boys. Railey was hoping for a sister, but she said she is happy with a boy too. We were excited to find out. Now we need to figure out a name and get busy getting ready. It will be here before we know it.

Railey is Headed to Middle School

Railey graduated Elementary School. She is excited to go to middle school next year but she is a little nervous too. She is excited about all the different classes she will go to and that she will have a locker, but she is worried about being able to open it. She had a great year this year. She loved her teacher and she did well in school. They had a graduation program. The kids did such a good job. They sang a lot of songs and they danced for us. They had learned some dancing this year so we were excited to see it. She had a great teacher. Railey enjoyed being in her class.

Triplets Graduate Kindergarten

The triplets graduated Kindergarten in May. It seems like they just started. They have learned so much since they started school. They loved it. They had a wonderful teacher who they absolutely loved. They say they miss her. I can't believe they are going to be first graders next year. They are excited to go to school all day and they are excited they get to go to a new school. Mostly because they think the playground at the new school is awesome. Next year they will probably all be in different classes. That is going to be an adjustment. But hopefully it will work out great. Here are some pictures of their last day of school after their graduation program and with their Kindergarten teacher.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hunters Safety for Railey

Railey just finished taking the Hunters Safety Class. She is only 9 years old, but she really wanted to take it. So we signed her up. The class went from 7-9 p.m Monday -Friday. We were worried about how tired she would be and if she would be able to do it. She is normally in bed by 9 every night. She went to class each night. At the end of the week they took the written test on Friday night and she passed with a 94%. We were so happy for her. She was so proud of herself. She then had to do the shooting test on Saturday. She passed it along side some teenagers that failed. She was pretty happy. She got her certificate and now she is ready to hunt. We decided to celebrate by making a cake and having ice cream. She asked that we decorate the cake so we put a bullseye on it. She is such a smart kid. We are very proud of her.

Expecting Baby #5

So, this is something I never thought I would be doing again, but yet we are. We are having another baby (and yes, it is just one baby this time). We were very surprised. I am now about 15 weeks along. The baby is set to arrive around the 3rd week in October. It will be 7 years younger than the boys. We can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. We should find out next month. I have been sick and very tired but I was sick with my other pregnancies as well. I have been much more tired with this one. I blame it on being older. We are all very excited. It's crazy to think of going back to having a tiny baby around and changing diapers again and getting up during the night. I thought the day would never come when I would sleep through the night after the triplets were born but it did. I keep telling myself this one will be a piece of cake compared to what we went through with the boys. We are very excited to meet this new little person.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Jacobs Scavenger Hunt

Back at Christmas time I was extremely busy. One day I was trying to get all of the neighborhood gifts ready to be delivered and the kids were just driving me crazy and I couldn't get done what I needed to. So Rob decided we needed to find something for them to do. He decided to send them on a scavenger hunt. He made up a list of things for them to either find or do. The list was crazy things that we thought they would never finish but would keep them busy for a while. We also told them if they finished it before 2 hours they would get a reward. So they headed out with this list.

1. Bird Nest
2. Stray Cat (it was to be brought home and shown to us)
3. 4 Feathers
4. 1 Red Rock
5. 1 Dead Spider
6. Do 1 chore for Steve and Ellen (our next door neighbors)
7. Take cookies to the neighbors
8. Find a mouse for Kitty Cow (our cat) (we were sure this would never happen)

They had to bring all the things home and show us so we knew they really did it. I never thought they would catch a stray cat, or find a mouse, and possible wouldn't be able to get to a nest. We have a lot in our trees but I knew they couldn't get up to them. What do you know....THEY FINISHED THE LIST! They found a nest across the street that had fallen out of the tree. They brought home a stray cat (it may have belonged to someone but it didn't have a collar and we hadn't seen it before so we counted it as a stray. They went next door and did chores. Ellen had written to give them bonus points because all 4 had done a chore. They got their feathers from Steve. He gave them pheasant feathers from his pheasant pen. They found all the other things except the mouse but headed out to deliver cookies and on the way back found a mouse in the neighbors lawn. We were shocked they were able to do the whole list. I'll tell you what...We have some seriously ADVENTUROUS kids. They keep us on our toes for sure. Oh, and just in case you are wondering...don't worry...the cookies were all wrapped up and they still washed their hands before delivering. Don't want you to think I was sending out contaminated cookies!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Basketball Girl

Railey decided this year that she wanted to try basketball. She is playing Jr Jazz with other 4th-6th graders. She is having fun and learning a lot. It is great for her to have something that is just for her. She has had 3 games so far and has 6 more. Its fun to watch her. She is normally very shy in front of others but she is coming out of her shell and having a good time. She is number 13.

Getting ready for the game

Warming up and shooting baskets

Favorite People

I had to post this picture because I just LOVE it!! Kids just Hangin' out with dad!

Tooth Fairy is Going Broke

With all the little people in our house it seems like someone always has a loose tooth. Lately the tooth fairy has made several trips to our house. Robby just lost another tooth and Ryder finally lost his first one. He has been quite upset for about 6 months that he hadn't lost one yet. Robby and Ranger both lost 2 this last spring and summer, and now Robby just lost his top 2, but Ryder hadn't yet. He was so excited when he found that he had one loose, and luckily it was loose enough we got it out the next day. He was thrilled to finally get some money like his brothers from the tooth fairy. Now it looks like Railey is getting ready to lose a couple more. The Tooth Fairy is going to be broke!

Christmas 2011

We had a good Christmas. We let the kids see their stockings and the pillow pet that Santa left for them, but we had them wait to open the rest until after church. We had a nice program at church. It was good to have the spirit of Christmas before we started in on all the presents. The kids enjoyed their gifts and they were very happy. It was a great day!
Our Christmas Tree

The kids Stockings and pillow pets from Santa

Kindergarten Christmas Program

The Kindergarten put on a Christmas Program for us. They were told to wear their nicest clothes to school. My boys were so excited to dress up for school. They couldn't wait. Who would have thought they would have wanted to wear church clothes. They looked so cute and handsome. The program was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They did such a good job singing and doing all the actions to all the songs. Afterwards, they kept asking me how much I liked it.




Triplets Turn 6

My baby boys are growing up. They had their 6th Birthday back on December 16th. This year they are in kindergarten so they each got to take a different treat to school to hand out to the class. They were so excited about it because a lot of the kids in their class had already handed out treats on their birthday so they couldn't wait for their turn to be the birthday kid. They had a birthday party with their friends after school. They all had a good time. It was their first party with friends. We made 2 cakes. We had to have one for the party and then one for the family. The kids ate one entire cake at the party. The boys loved their cakes. They love cars so they thought having car cakes was awesome. When they were little I thought we would never make it to this stage. And now that they are in school its hard to believe it came so fast. They are growing up so fast.

The Cakes....Race Car For The Party

Our Version of the General Lee....(The Boys Love the Dukes of Hazard)

Opening Birthday Presents