Sunday, November 13, 2011

We Were Making Memories

I went to Blanding back at the beginning of October. Rob had a deer tag down there and was there hunting so I took the kids for the weekend to visit Grandma and Grandpa. One day we went up and over the Blue (Abajo) Mountain and we came across this tree. I remember when Ashley and I carved our names in the tree...or I should say many trees. We used to drive over the mountain all the time growing up. We spent a lot of time that summer (1996) driving all over the mountains. I have the best memories of growing up. It was crazy to come across that. We were making memories...and they came flooding back when I saw this!

School Pictures Fall 2011

These are their new school pictures for this year. They look so grown up. I still can't believe the boys are in kindergarten. Railey is in 4th grade this year. I remember 4th grade like it was yesterday. Crazy!!




Happy Halloween

This year for halloween all the kids wanted to be things they had been in previous years so I was happy to pull out the box of costumes and be done with figuring out what to do. The pictures of the kids are at their halloween parades at school. Ryder was Spiderman, Ranger was Batman, and Robby was Superman. Railey was a witch. They kids wanted me to dress up so I pulled out a wig we had and painted my face. People always say clowns are scary...and yes, I'm a little scared of clowns after seeing the pictures of myself.

Ride on the Fire Truck

Every October the Oak City Fire Department puts on a chili dinner for the town. After the dinner they give rides on the fire truck. My kids love to go. They thought it was the coolest thing to ride on the fire truck.

GoodBye Vernal

We moved back to Oak City from Vernal at the end of August. I haven't gotten around to blogging for a while. This is the house we lived in for 10 months while we were there. I was happy to say goodbye to it. It was hard to live so close to neighbors and not have a big yard for the kids. We had some nice neighbors and a great ward. It was nice to have things close for shopping and school and things like that but we are very happy to be back in Oak City. The kids are very happy to have our yard back and to be back by all their friends. Now that we are all settled, it kind of feels like it was all a dream.

Wild Indians

I've always known my kids were a bunch of wild Indians. This is what you get when you leave them alone for a few minutes. Railey decided to paint the boys faces. They thought it was a great idea. They were so excited to come and show me what Railey did. Since they were already painted I just let them run around all day like this. They played the part well. I'm sure the neighbors were very appreciative of all the noise. But they had fun. And I'm sure they will never forget it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

To make a long story short...we are going to be moving back to Oak City. We had an opportunity to buy the house we lived in for a few years before moving to Vernal so we are going to go back. We loved living in Oak City. It is a really great small town. We had great neighbors and a great ward. I'm excited to go back and pick up where we left off. I'm excited that the kids won't have to adjust to another new place. They will be going back to the only thing they have ever known. We moved into this house when the boys were just 1 year old. They have asked constantly since we moved to Vernal if we can just go back home to Oak City. They are very excited and happy to be going back. I'm not looking forward to the mess of moving again, but I know it will be worth it in the end. We can't wait to get our big grassy yard back. And I'm thrilled to get my huge garden space. I didn't do a garden this year and I missed it. I've been saying all summer that I was homesick for my lawnmower so I will be glad to get it out of storage and start mowing the lawn again. These are a few pictures of the house from when we lived there.

The front of the house

The back of the house

A view of the garden from the deck just off the dining room

Happy Birthday Railey

Railey turned 9 years old today!! I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She came into the world as a little spitfire and she is still one today. We love her so much. Railey will be starting 4th grade in a few weeks. She is excited to go back to school. She is very smart and loves to learn. She loves to read. She is a little bookworm. We have to tell her all the time to turn the lights out and go to bed because she wants to stay up reading. We are lucky that we don't have to push her to do it. This year she wanted me to make a Candyland cake so that is what we did. It turned out really cute and she loved it. She got a lot of fun games and things for her birthday. She is a good kid and we are lucky to have her. We love you Railey!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lake Fun

We have been taking the boat out to the lake. Most times we have taken it to Steineker Resevoir. It is only 3 miles from our house. We have also gone to Red Fleet. Its not much farther. We have spent time fishing and playing in the water. It has been a lot of fun. We pack a cooler each time and have lunch on the boat. The kids think that is great. The have each caught fish, and they have each been pulled around the lake on the tube. I was surprised how easily they got out in the water. They wanted to go so bad and they wanted to go fast. I was more worried than they were. They just lay back there and yell for us to go faster....except for Railey. She doesn't care to be pulled very fast.

Ranger Fishing and Ryder


Railey Fishing

Ranger and Robby in the boat

Robby being the flagger when someone was in the water

Me on the tube...showing them its not scary. They all wanted mom to go first

Rob on the tube

Railey on the tube

Robby on the tube

Ryder on the tube

Ranger on the tube

Pet Chipmunk

We have a chipmunk living under our front porch. The kids think it is very cool. They love watching it and leaving bread crumbs for it. They have taken bread and left a trail from the front door to his hole and then watch him come and take the pieces of bread. Our cat loves watching it too. He sits right in the front entryway window and watches it. You can tell he really wants to go get it. It has been pretty entertaining for the kids.

Family Pictures

We had a lot of family pictures taken over the 4th of July weekend. Here are some of them. I'm glad to have some updated ones.

Our Family

Rob and Natalie

Jacobs Kids


Jacobs Boys....Robby, Ranger, Ryder

Jacobs Boys

Railey and Natalie

The boys and Rob

Railey and Rob

The boys and Natalie

My Parents....Jerry and Kaye

My sister Keri and her husband Gerald and their kids...Riley, Brett, Eric, Devynn, and Dana.

My sister Sheila and her husband Travis and their kids...Kyle, T.J. and Brinlee

My brother J.J. and his wife Kayela and their kids...Trey and Asa

My brother Courtney and his son Dominic

The whole Family

My parents and their children...Courtney, J.J. Natalie, Keri and Sheila

My parents and their kids with their spouses

My mom and her daughters

My dad and his sons

My parents and all their grandchildren

All the boys in the family

All the girls in the family