Monday, April 5, 2010

Nat's Nursery

This year we decided we wanted to try and grow our own starts from seed for our garden instead of buying them at the nursery. We found the seeds for 10 packets for $1.00 so we got a lot of packets. I think we have everything we want to grow and shouldn't have to buy anything if it all grows well. I found the trays fairly cheap and we can reuse them next year. We set up a couple tables in our basement and hung a shop light over them. They are in the same room as our fireplace so the room is nice and warm. They are looking really good. I also decided to try to do all my flowers by seed too. Those seed were also 10 for $1.00. For just a few dollars I have planted over 300 flower containers. Question is will they all produce something? I hope so. I have a lot of space in my yard. The more flowers and color, the better. I love to watch things grow and bloom. I love to spend the entire day in the yard and can't wait for it to warm up so we can. Let's just hope the starts continue to grow well and turn out to be great plants. Only time will tell.


On Saturday we went up to the park here in Oak City at 9:00 a.m. for the easter egg hunt. It was freezing cold and it had been snowing that morning. They hunted for eggs and it was over and we were home by about 9:30. They had fun, and they got quite a few eggs. They dove into the baskets and started on the candy as fast as they could. Robby was excited because he got a quarter in one of his eggs. We colored eggs in between the sessions of conference.
On Sunday they woke up to find that the easter bunny had filled their baskets with eggs and lots of candy. The boys each got a little baseball and a mit. Railey got a baseball and a bat. They love them and can't wait to take them outside to play with them. (if the weather would ever get warm enough) Railey left a note for the Easter bunny and it was full of questions for him. He answered it and left it in her basket. I forgot to take pictures of their baskets on easter morning.
The boys waiting to hunt for eggs
Hunt is over and ready to go home
showing off their loot after we got home from the park
coloring eggs

Meet Dayzee

Our female dog "Savvy" as many of you have already read about, had a couple of accidents that really banged her up. We tried to do everything we could to help her get better and heal, but just as she would start to do better she would re-injure herself again. This happened several times. She got to where she wouldn't even try to walk anymore. She pretty much gave up. She wouldn't do anything but just lay down and cry. She had started to bite and snap at everyone too. We finally had to make the decision which we felt was better for her and put her down. It was very hard but in the end we felt it had to be done. We will remember her and the good times we had.
But on a happier note, we got a new little puppy. She is actually Savvy's little sister. They have the same parents, but this puppy was from the next litter. We have named her Dayzee. She is brindle colored, and she is one fiesty puppy. She thinks she is the boss. She loves our other dog "Deke" and she pretty much thinks she is as big as he is. She chases him around the yard and she attacks him. And she does NOT let him take food from her. She growls and chases him off if he even gets close to her when she is eating. It is funny. He has learned not to even try. But they are friends and they cuddle and love on each other too. We think it was good for "Deke" to have her. He was bonded to "Savvy" and we think he would have been pretty lonely by himself.
They are a couple of fun dogs. Our kids love their pets.



We celebrated our 10th Anniversary on March 25th. It's hard to believe we have been married for 10 years. Where does the time go? It has been a crazy, but great 10 years. I would never have imagined our lives would be what they are today. We can't complain. We have been very blessed. We have incredible family and friends. We have 4 great kids that keep us on the go. I know we were supposed to find each other and build a life together. I wonder what another 10 years will bring. You think you a know a person when you marry them but man are we dumb. But all that matters is that you really KNOW you are supposed to marry them. I knew a lot about my hubby when we got married but I have learned a lot more and he is an amazing person. We are lucky to have each other. He is my best friend. Here is a list of a few things I love about Rob.

1. He is very passionate about the things he believes in.

2. He is incredibly smart. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of information he has locked up in that brain of his. When he reads something, it is forever stored in his mind.

3. He is not scared of anything. (except maybe heights)

4. He has a deep appreciation and love of the outdoors and wildlife.

5. He has a HUGE sense of humor.

6. He is extremely clever and witty, and quick. It is impossible to get the last comeback when you are kidding around.

7. He enjoys learning new things and enjoys trying new things.

8. He LOVES to read. He has a great appreciation for books. He has always been a bookworm.

9. He has a love of guns like nobody else. He can tell you anything about any gun. He reloads a lot of his own bullets. If you want to see a smile on his face, put a gun in his hand.

10. He's a fun dad. He is a big kid at heart, and always up for an adventure. It is not uncommon for him to climb into the kids' little wading pool and swim with them. I don't even do that.

And there are many, many more!


Bunnies Sold

Railey's rabbits were old enough to be sold so we hung a few signs up. This is a picture of the sign. Within a couple of days all seven of the babies were sold, and the phone kept ringing with more people wanting rabbits. She was wishing she had more to sell. She was so excited about the money she got from them. Now she has to take part of the money and buy more food for them. But even after buying food, she will have a good amount left.