Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catch Up/Rexton is growing up fast

So I have let about 6 months go by without posting anything. It just seems like I don't ever have enough hours in the day to get what I need to done. Railey Spent January and February playing basketball, and the boys spent January, February and March wrestling. Railey also played volleyball in March and April. Between taking them all to practice and games and matches we were always running around. I was glad when everything was done for the season. We got the garden all done and planted in May and it is growing well. We got baby chicks back in March. Rob built a chicken coop and now they are pretty much full grown and we are just waiting for them to start laying eggs. The kids have had a lot of fun watching them grow. They have turned one of them into a pet and it follows them everywhere. Rexton is sure growing like crazy. It seems like we just had him, but he turned 8 months old yesterday. He is so much fun. He is such a happy baby and rarely gets upset or fussy. He is rolling all over the place and sitting up and moving like crazy. I don't think it will be long before he is off and crawling. We are going to be in trouble when he does crawl. He is busy and wants to see and touch everything. He had his first haircut when he turned 7 months old. It was pretty long on top and pretty wild. He looks so much more grown up. Here are a few pictures of him over the last few months.