Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nothin' Cuter Than Puppies

Who doesn't love a puppy? It just too bad they can't stay small forever. Our puppies are now just over 4 weeks old. They are so cute. They are doing very well. They are starting to show little personalities. There are 5 of them. My kids want to keep all of them. Too bad I'm a mean mom and my kids don't usually get whatever they want. We are going to start them on food tomorrow. They act like they are ready for it. Here are a few pictures to show how cute they are.

Our Giant New Sled

For Christmas our family got this new sled. It is absolutely huge. The entire family can fit in it. It is 7 feet long, 4 feet wide and the walls are 18 inches high. It will be a lot of fun. We will also be able to use it for ice fishing. We can fit all the fishing poles, chairs, ice auger and everything in it and just pull it and we won't have to pack all our stuff. We are hoping to do some ice fishing this winter. Rob got a nice ice auger for Christmas. Steinaker Reservoir is about 5 minutes from our house so we won't have to go very far. Here are a few pictures of it being pulled around with the
4-wheeler in our backyard.

Christmas 2010

It turns out Santa found us this Christmas. Our kids were worried that because we moved that he might not know where we were. They were also worried that even if he knew where we were that he might not be able to get in the house because we don't have a chimney at our new house. They were talking about this between themselves one day and I heard them talking about how maybe he could use the little tube in the laundry room (dryer vent) to get in. I thought that was so cute. However...I am pretty sure the Santa that comes to our house is not getting through a 4 inch round tube. I told them Santa is magic and has magic ways to get into all the houses. Then Grandma sent us a magic Santa Key, so that solved the problem. You hang it outside on your door on Christmas Eve and he will use it to get in. So we hung it and he got into our house. We had a good Christmas. The kids got a lot of fun things. It was a great day. It seemed like it took us forever to get everything unwrapped because they got so excited about each thing they had to stop to play with it. Its a lot of fun to see them get excited. When Ranger opened his name present from his cousin he whooped and hollered. It was a remote control truck. He went on and on about how great it was and then he said, "I've been waiting for one of these my whole life." They keep us laughing with all the funny things they say. And I tell ya...the leapster 2's and the games that Santa brought for the boys have kept them pretty happy. They love them. He just should have left some A/C adapters to go with them. We just might have to buy a few of those. But even with the amount of batteries they are going to go through, it is well worth it. It has stopped them from stealing Railey's leapster out of her room and fighting over who gets to play it once its stolen. Plus, they are teaching them all kinds of things and they don't even know it.

The loot Santa left

Just getting started....seeing what Santa left in their stockings

Railey's School Play

Railey's school class put on a play for all the parents and families just before Christmas. They did the "Wizard of Oz" with a Christmas twist. All of the kids did such a good job. It was a pretty long play and all of them had their lines memorized and hardly needed any help at all. They did a really cute song and dance. Railey was very excited to do the play. She was the color "Red" for her part. She talked about it nonstop for weeks before. She had a lot of lines and she did a great job! The boys kept telling her after it was over that they really liked it and they told her over and over what a good job she did. It was fun to see her get up and do her parts.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kitty Cow Returns!!!

Prayers are answered. The kids have been praying day and night for Kitty Cow to come home. Wouldn't you know the minute I posted that he was gone he came back. The house just erupted in noise and screaming. Not sure what happened to him but he is very hungry and cold. And I think he is happy to be home. YAY FOR KITTY COW!!!!!!!!!!

Kitty Cow

We have had the best cat the last 3 1/2 years. He has been so good with the kids. He is friendly and just has a fun personality. And he is just a cool looking cat. He has been staying in the house a lot since we moved. When the Christmas tree went up he found a spot he liked under it and hung out there a lot. I found him several times with ornaments hanging from his collar. When I asked the kids why they were hanging them from kitty cow they told me he was royalty and the ornaments were his jewels. He wandered around the house with them hanging from him. We love him. Sadly enough though...he went missing a few days ago. When he wanted to go out he would sit at the door and when he was ready to come back in he would sit and wait on the mat till we let him back in. He went out one day and never came back. I'm sure he didn't run away. It has been so cold that he hadn't been staying out for very long and some days he didn't even want to go out. I think something happened to him. The kids are pretty heartbroken. They miss him a lot. The keep going outside and calling for him. Usually when they would call him he would come running. I wish I could be wrong and that he would just show up but I'm not holding out much hope. We loved him and will miss him a lot. He will not be an easy cat to replace.

Triplets Turn 5

I know I say this a lot but seriously....where does the time go? I cannot believe these little guys are already 5. They had their 5th birthday on December 16th. It has been quite an adventure the last five years. We didn't know how in the world we were ever going to handle triplets but somehow we have managed to survive...barely. We are very grateful for each one of them even though they test us on a daily basis. They are each so different..in looks and personality. They are trying very hard to teach me patience. We love them so much and I am grateful the lord trusted us enough to give them to us even though there are days I fear we are failing. I couldn't imagine what life was going to be like before they got here and now I can't imagine what it would be like without them. Happy 5th Birthday Boys! We love you!

Boys 1st Birthday

Boys 2nd Birtday

Boys 3rd Birthday

Boys 4th Birthday

Birthday Cake

Each of them blowing out their own 5 candles. We prefer to let them blow on their own cake. Three kids spitting on a birthday cake doesn't make it very appetizing.

Opening their birthday presents. They all got a sleeping bag and some new trucks. And they got the Hot Wheels Track "Criss Cross Crash" They have wanted it for a long time.

Playing "Criss Cross Crash"