Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Made Me Laugh

My day always begins with starting the laundry except on Sunday. I headed into the laundry room Monday morning to find this note on top of the washer along with Railey's pillow.(Her pillow that is shaped like a flip flop)

I got a pretty good laugh out of it. So I fixed her pillow and then I began to wonder why she would have such a big pile of laundry. All of the laundry was done as of Saturday. So I sorted through her hamper and there were a lot of clothes in it. Just not any clothes I recall her wearing. Just clothes she had pulled out and then decided not to wear but instead of hanging them back up they got tossed in the hamper. Sound familiar to anyone else????? I just thought it was funny she would write a note and the way it was written gave us a good chuckle. I showed her each article of clothing later and asked her if she wore it and she just smiled, rolled her eyes and said "oh..sorry." So I asked her if she could get the putting clean clothes in the hamper problem solved and she laughed. OHHH...what a funny girl.

Halloween 2010

The kids were all super heroes for Halloween this year. I had intended to get creative and make costumes this year but that didn't happen. The timing of the move just made things too crazy and I just didn't have enough time.
We found out about our new ward just in time to go to the trunk or treat. So we ended up going to our wards party and we didn't knock on doors for trick or treating. It was great. By the time they made it around the circle of cars they had more than enough candy. We were home by 7. They had a good time and we were able to meet a few of the ward members.
Railey-Wonderwoman, Robby-Superman, Ryder-Spiderman, Ranger-Batman

Saying Goodbye to Oak City

We have lived in Oak City, Utah for the last 4 years. They have been a really great 4 years. We moved there shorty after Railey's 4th Birthday, and the boys were just little babies. It's hard to believe how fast the time went. Railey is now 8 and the boys are almost 5. It was a great home for us. We truly loved our time there. We met so many wonderful people which we will never forget. We will really miss Oak City and everyone there. We made a lot of really good friends. We will definitely have to go back to visit. Railey is already planning a trip back in the summer for the annual "Oak City Days"
Rob took a job working for Savage Trucking back in August so we relocated to Vernal. We spent the last couple of weeks moving. We are now settling in and adjusting to our new life. I think we will like it here. Railey already really likes her new school. She is making friends and adjusting well. We were worried about how she would do. She cried for a good part of the trip when we left Oak City for the last time. The boys are excited. They think its just one big adventure. We hope Vernal will be a great home for us.
This was our home for the last few years. We will miss it and the gigantic yard.