Monday, June 15, 2009

New Bikes and Time Out

The boys got new bikes this last week. We have been going for little rides in the evenings with the kids and the boys have been riding their little trikes. They think it is so much fun. They pedal their little legs as fast as they can go. We decided they needed some bikes with rubber tires instead of the little plastic ones they have on the trikes. There are not too many sidewalks where we live so it was kind of hard for them with the trikes to go on the roads not to mention it was very loud. You could hear us coming from a mile away. So Rob went to Walmart while he was up north and picked some up, along with some helmets. They were so excited to get "big boy" bikes. We didn't tell them that we got them at first. We told them that Dad brought a surprise back for them and we gave them the helmets. So we put their helmets on and they wanted to go for a ride. We had set the bikes up side by side in the driveway so they would see them when they headed outside, but they went straight to the garage to get their trikes so we had to redirect them to the bikes. They went nuts over the new bikes. They have had a lot of fun on them already. They love them. And they actually still like the trikes too.

They thought they were just getting a picture taken with their new helmet.
They didn't know about the bikes yet.
Just figuring out how to ride them. They couldn't figure out the brakes for a
while. They kept asking what happened and why they kept stopping.
I had to post a few pictures that show one of the ways I use the corners in my kitchen. There are 3 corners that are fairly close but far enough away from each other that they work perfectly for naughty little boys. Close enough together that I can keep an eye on all of them at the same time. My camera couldn't really get all of them at the same time, but in the bottom picture you can see the head of the 3rd. They don't usually all end up in the corner at the same time but they have their days when all of them help each other get into trouble. They were actually in trouble when I took these pictures. This particular day was one I do not want to repeat. But I did tell myself I needed some pictures for later on. Someday the boys will look at these and think they are funny. (I hope)


  1. I know it's not very nice to you, but I am kind of laughing right now! You are going to be getting many many blessings for raising those little stinkers!! Have fun with them.
    Love ya!

  2. Hey Natalie, bless your heart! So I went to make out blog private and entered in your address you left but it needs to have a @ symbol. So if you'll leave me a different one so I can add you!