Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our kids have never been to a rodeo before, so we decided to take them to the one in Hinckley they have every year. They had a pretty good time other than it was really long and pretty slow moving so they were ready to go home by the end. I'm glad it's only a 15 minute drive to Hinckley from our house. We put all their names in for the drawing for muttin bustin. Railey and Ryder were drawn out so they got to ride the sheep. They did awesome. Railey stayed on for a long time. She didn't fall off until he pretty much ran into the fence and knocked her off. I think there was only one other kid that stayed on longer than she did. She was pretty proud of herself. Ryder stayed on longer than we expected too. I think he could have stayed on longer if his little legs and arms weren't so short. Robby and Ranger wanted to go too but did pretty good with understanding that it was a drawing and some kids get to and some don't. And it helped that all the kids got to go down and chase the calves that had money stuck to them. Of course they didn't get any but they did get a sucker for trying from the Rodeo queen and they were happy with that.
These pictures are not the greatest. I was sitting clear across the arena from them.
Railey getting on the sheep and ready to ride.

Railey walking back after she fell off.

Ryder waiting his turn.

Ryder getting on and ready to ride.

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