Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Fishing

We took the kids and went ice fishing this last week at Pelican Lake. We had such a good time. We took the 4 wheeler and our big sled. We put all our stuff and most of us and the dog in the sled and it was so easy to get everything out on the lake. It took us a while to get all six holes drilled in the ice. The ice was almost 2 feet thick. Once we got the holes done and all the kids set up we waited for the fish. We were all getting tugs and nibbles on our lines but Ranger ended up being the only one to actually bring a fish out. Even though he was the only one to catch one everyone had fun. We drank hot chocolate and had goldfish crackers for a snack. When we were done fishing, we loaded everything up and we went for a ride around the lake in the sled. It was a great day!

Railey and Ryder Fishing

Robby and Ranger Fishing

Ranger and Dad

Ranger and Mom

Ranger kissing his fish for good luck

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