Monday, January 16, 2012

Triplets Turn 6

My baby boys are growing up. They had their 6th Birthday back on December 16th. This year they are in kindergarten so they each got to take a different treat to school to hand out to the class. They were so excited about it because a lot of the kids in their class had already handed out treats on their birthday so they couldn't wait for their turn to be the birthday kid. They had a birthday party with their friends after school. They all had a good time. It was their first party with friends. We made 2 cakes. We had to have one for the party and then one for the family. The kids ate one entire cake at the party. The boys loved their cakes. They love cars so they thought having car cakes was awesome. When they were little I thought we would never make it to this stage. And now that they are in school its hard to believe it came so fast. They are growing up so fast.

The Cakes....Race Car For The Party

Our Version of the General Lee....(The Boys Love the Dukes of Hazard)

Opening Birthday Presents

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