Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

The kids started back to school on August 15th this year. Railey is in 5th grade this year. She is now in middle school and has a bunch of different classes. She likes it. She is excited this year to have a locker. She thinks that is "awesome". She was happy to go back to school. She likes school and was getting bored of being home every day. The boys are now in 1st grade. This year they are all in different classes. So far they are liking it a lot. I think it is good for them to be separated for a while during the day to let them be individuals instead of just being 1 of 3. It is challenging to figure out who has to do what for homework but we are getting it somewhat figured out. All 3 of their teachers do things very differently. I am pleased with who they have for teachers. They are all really good. It is so crazy that all the kids are gone all day. It is very strange to be home alone during the day. It is very nice and quiet though. I can get a lot done it a lot less time now. I am enjoying it. The baby will be here before we know and that will change things somewhat but it will still be nice. I find myself thinking that if I chose to I could actually take a nap with the baby. Imagine that! A nap has been a long time coming! The Boys and Dad on the first day of school
Ranger with his Batman lunch box
Ryder with his Cars lunch box
Robby with his SpongeBob lunch box
Railey on the first day of school

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  1. How exciting! The kids are so cute.
    I had lost your blog after my computer's last virus, so I'm glad I found it again!