Friday, August 9, 2013

Bradford Reunion 2013

This year for our Bradford Reunion we stayed in town at Mom and Dad's instead of going camping out on the mountain. With new babies, and so many little ones it was a lot easier. We had a lot of fun relaxing and enjoying each others company. There were lots of games and fun things to do. Keri took charge this year in planning the reunion. She did a great job. She had games and a pinata, and an awesome slip and slide. Grandma had crafts for the kids. We all took turns providing and making the meals. They were all great. One day, time was spent writing letters to Riley while he is at bootcamp. My kids were so excited when they got a letter back from him. One afternoon there was karaoke and that was a big hit. It was a great reunion. It is always nice to get the family back together again and spend some time. We had a bunch of photos taken too. I will post them when we get them. Games and fun with the pinata.
Everyone just sitting around visiting and relaxing
My brothers both dozing off. Love it!
This little cutie made me a Great Aunt. This is my nephew Eric's baby Evelyn.
Boys drying off after playing in the water

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