Monday, April 27, 2009

So Happy to See Spring

We have been ready for spring for quite a while. The kids need to be able to get out and run. It has been a really long winter for us. We have been going nuts lately being cooped up in the house. I am very tired of cleaning up mud and snow and everything else tracked in during the winter.(Railey has a habit of walking through mud and pudddles on the way home from the bus stop.) I will be so happy not to have to put on all those little shoes, socks, coats, gloves, and hats. Just keeping track of all of them makes me crazy. I love flip flop weather. The kids can put them on themselves and they love wearing them. We had a couple of really beautiful days and we took advantage and spent a lot of time outside. I love to see the flowers poke up and bloom and the grass all green again. I know its nuts but I enjoy mowing the lawn so I was happy to mow it for the first time again this last week. I can't wait to plant my flowers and watch them grow. We've been trying to get the back part of the yard all cleared and ready to plant a garden this year. Hopefully we will have success. With any luck, maybe I will get some tomatoes. I'm really hoping to get a bunch so I can bottle juice and salsa.

Railey was a good sport when the boys wanted to wear her helmet and ride her scooter. She was willing to trade and ride one of their trikes.

While playing outside, Robby found an old pair of safety glasses in the garage. He put them on and he called himself "Daddy Robby" all day. Robby is holding the door open so Ranger can ring the doorbell about a hundred times. They all have to ring the bell everytime we come home or come in from outside.

The boys reading Dad's books. We usually don't let them take them alone but we had some that had been damaged and some that were used for displays, so we gave them each some of their own. They were so excited. They have been carrying them around for days and telling us that dad made these "Little Jake" books.

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  1. Spring is fun when you see the tulips popping up and grass getting green. I too am a huge fan of the flip flops. I even wear them when there is snow. I dont know if I am going to plant a garden. I may do a little one because you have to have fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Hopefully I will be having more time shortly. We'll see you this weekend. We will be there sometime on Saturday.