Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Railey started back to school last week on the 19th. She is now in 2nd Grade. Its seems like she was just starting kindergarten. She kept saying she wasn't ready for summer to be over and go back to school, but we went to back to school night and the minute we left the school she was very excited to go back. I think she was a little nervous because she is going to a different school this year and she was concerned she wouldn't know where to go. They have had two different elementary schools here but this year they combined and did some changes. They now have a preschool, kindergarten center at the one school, and then 1st-4th grade at the other school, and moved the 5th grade to the middle school. She felt comfortable at the one school after having spent the last two years there but now is in the other. We made sure to walk around so she would know where to go. She rode the bus to school on the first day but wanted me to follow it to the school and walk her to her classroom. So I did, and as soon as she got to class she said she was fine and she would see me after school. She got Mrs. Farrell for her teacher. She was excited about that. She knew who she was from school last year. After she got home from school that first day I asked her if she was able to find her way around and she said, "oh yeah, I'm totally fine, I know where everything is now." It kind of made me laugh. All nervousness was gone.
I took Railey school shopping by herself this year. We left the boys at home with dad and spent the day with just the two of us. It was a lot of fun. When shopping with the boys we try not to go anymore places than we absolutely have to. It was great to go to lots of different stores. We could just jump out of the car and head in.....and not have to unbuckle, buckle, unbuckle, buckle, unbuckle a million times with all the carseats. We found some cute stuff for her. We went and had lunch at Cafe Rio. She made sure to rub that in her dad's face when we got home. It was a good day. She commented several times how much fun it was not to have the boys with us. I was glad to have been able to spend the day with her, and have it be a day just for her. We need to do that more often. She is growing up way too fast.

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  1. I LOVE that you had a mom and daughter day!! It is so good for them to have alone time with mom or dad or both. OK, I don't like to undo one car seat when shopping I can't imagine three. You are a trooper and a very lucky mom to have such cute kids.