Monday, August 24, 2009

Otter Creek

Rob and Railey took a trip to Otter Creek this last week to go fishing. They wanted to do something else before school started. They didn't have much luck with the fish but they had a good time anyway. Railey was a little disappointed they didn't catch any fish because the last time they went they caught quite a few and she actually caught more than dad. But she was pretty happy because she got to drive the boat all by herself. Since they didn't have any luck with the fish, she got to drive it around for quite a while. She thought that was pretty cool. She kept telling me how good she was at driving. She even told me to call her "Captain" because that was what Rob had been calling her. She thought all the birds, especially the cranes were really neat. So I guess you could say the day was a success, even though the fishing itself was not.

At the end of each fishing trip you always have to show what you caught (or didn't catch)

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