Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cutting Firewood

We have spent several days out in the hills cutting firewood for the winter. The kids like to go and play while we cut and then they help carry and load the truck. They get so filthy but they have a good time. I usually strip them down at the door when we get home and put them straight in the tub. They dig in the dirt and find big sticks to play with. We have been lucky enough to avoid any major catastrophies. We took the dogs on the last 3 or 4 trips and they had fun. The boys chased them around and everyone got pretty worn out. Railey likes to find trees she can climb up in and hang out.

The boys and their puppy dogs
Rob cutting up a tree
Boys hangin' out in the back of the truck
They found a good tree on this day
Taking an apple break
My Crazy Crew
Railey and Robby chillin' in the tree

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  1. oh so familiar! we are the same way-- except that we are like three loads short right now. we need to get crackin before its too late!