Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Deke And Savvy

In the last couple of months we got 2 new puppies. They are both Mountain Kerr's. They are bred to be hunting dogs, but also good family dogs. They are great with kids. The first week of September we got Savvy. She is the lighter blonde one. Then the first week of October we got Deke. He is the brindle one. We had him picked out for over a month but he wasn't big enough to bring home yet. They are both very cute. They have been a lot of fun. The kids absolutely love them, so much in fact they sneek out of the house whenever they can to play with them. (Ranger especially) I wasn't sure I was ready to have more animals. Mainly because I didn't want to have anything else to have to take care of, but I caved in the minute they got home and have loved them. It helps that we have a big back yard that is all fenced in so they have room to run and play. They seem to really enjoy each other too. They play all day long, and cuddle up together to sleep. I hope they will be good dogs for our family for years to come. It will be exciting to see what they can do hunting. Both sets of their parents are good hunters. Savvy already loves to tree our cat and will not leave him alone if he comes around them. He tends to stay in the front of the house now. He doesn't really care for the dogs. He would rather sit on the other side of the fence where he feels safe.

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