Wednesday, November 4, 2009


For Halloween this year, Railey wanted to be a witch and the boys were a bunch of monkeys. (I thought that was very fitting) They love to sing the monkeys jumping on the bed song (as they are jumping on the bed) This was the first year we actually let the boys walk up to doors and trick or treat. The last couple of years I pushed them around in the stroller. They were so excited to go, but we only made it around the block with them. About half way around they starting saying they wanted to go home and didn't want to go to anymore houses. I think they were tired of walking and carrying their buckets. So we finished the block and went home. Railey got to go with a friend after we took the boys home so she was pretty happy. The kids had fun carving their pumpkins (or watching us carve them) and thought it was really neat to light them up. I let them each pick out their own pumpkin at the store a few weeks ago. They thought it was cool to have their very own pumpkin and each time we went outside they had to tell everyone which one was theirs.
L to R Railey's Robby's Ryder's Ranger's

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