Sunday, November 29, 2009

Savvy Dog

About a month ago our dog got hurt, but we really didn't know what happened. We were in the house and heard her just start yelping and crying. We could tell by the sound that something was wrong so we rushed outside to find her lying on the grass. She had hurt her leg somehow and couldn't really walk on it. So we watched her for the next week or so, and she started to bear weight and eventually started walking and then running again. We figured she was back to normal. But then last Saturday afternoon, Railey came running in the house and said that she had just tripped and fell on the bricks in my flower bed and she was hurt again and wouldn't move. She was really hurt this time. We could tell she was in a lot of pain. She was crying and couldn't hardly even move. Of course there is not vet around on the weekend so we decided to wait until Monday and see how she was and then take her to the vet. It was a long weekend. She was very miserable and bawled for two days. So finally on Monday we took her to the vet. The x-ray showed that she had a crack in her hip, some damaged ligaments around the knee, and a fresh break in her leg. He figured the crack in her hip was older, as well as the ligament damage. We are guessing that was from the first accident (we don't really know what happened on that one, we were thinking maybe she fell off our deck, but we're not sure). It had started to heal and was doing pretty well when she took a tumble onto the brick. He figured that just snapped the bone in her leg in half. So anyway, she is now sporting a new look. She looks pretty ridiculous, but hopefully it will allow her to completely heal. She is supposed keep it on for 6 weeks. The first day or so was a little hard for her to get around but now she seems happy just to be able to move. She has started to use it like a peg leg, and it doesn't really slow her down anymore. She goes up and down the stairs just as fast. She isn't able to bend her leg at all, and it is helping to keep the hip immobilized so it can completely heal as well. The vet said he figured because she is so young she should do pretty well. We feel so bad for her. She really is such a sweet dog.


  1. How sad!! What great owners!I have never seen a dog in a brace like that! Is this your newest dog?

  2. Cute blog! This story reminds me of our dog taking a tumble down the stairs...straining his back....and having to be on "kennel rest" for 6 weeks. It was a joke trying to keep him contained in a small area - and then to go the bathroom we would take him out and Matt would wheelbarrel his bag legs around the yard until he found the proper place to go. Good grief!