Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Rob got me a handgun for Christmas. It is a Smith & Wesson .38 special, model 64. It is a nice gun. I am excited to have it. I wanted one that was just mine that I could shoot and get used to. We went shooting the other day to try it out. It was really fun to shoot. Railey has her own little 22 that she got for christmas 3 years ago just after she turned 4. Rob painted it a really pretty pink and put her name on the stock. She has loved having it. She loves to go shooting with dad. So we took her gun with us too so she could shoot some and we let the boys shoot a real gun for the first time. They thought it was pretty neat that they got to shoot Railey's gun. They all got safety glasses and earmuffs for christmas so they wanted to try them. They were always taking Robs earmuffs so we decided to get them all their own pair.
Rob teaching Ryder and helping him shoot for the very first time
Teaching Robby and helping him shoot for the first time
Teaching Ranger and helping him shoot for the first time
Railey loading and getting ready to shoot

Me shooting my new gun
Rob shooting my new gun


  1. I have a 38 too! Steve gave it to me last christmas, though mine is a little smaller than that i think-- where did you get your ear muffs for the kids? we need some sooo bad for tay and trace, but i cant seem to find them small enough?????

  2. This looks like fun!
    I am impressed you all were out shooting when it is so cold!
    I like shooting in warm weather much better!

  3. I feel for the person who chooses to mess with your family :)