Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glasses for Robby

Robby now has a new look. We found out last month that he needed glasses. When they were in preschool in Delta they had a vision screening at the school. They actually took pictures of their eyes instead of just covering one side at a time. We got a letter later stating that Ryder and Ranger had passed but that Robby had failed. His eyes have a little different shape than they should. So we took him into the eye doctor and they confirmed that he did need glasses. He has been wearing them for a few weeks now. He does pretty well with them. The adjustment wasn't too bad. I am grateful we found out early before kindergarten. I would hate to see him go to school and struggle because he can't see well enough. And according to him...his glasses are the coolest because they have Spongebob on the inside of the frames and little bubbles.

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