Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rob's Doghouse And Puppies

This is a picture of the doghouse Rob built. Its big and cozy. We needed a good doghouse. It is cold here and we knew that our dog would be having puppies. It is insulated and we have a heat lamp for when it is extremely cold. We have a themometer hanging inside so we always know what the temperature is. The roof is slanted so the snow and rain will run off, and it is also has hinges so we can lift the roof up for easy access and to clean it. So far it works great and our dog loves it. It stays about 70 or 80 degress inside. She had her puppies and they are now 10 days old. They are staying nice and warm. They are very cute. They should be opening their eyes anytime now. Puppies are fun and cute. Its just too bad they can't stay puppy cute forever.

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