Friday, September 27, 2013

Bradford Family Pictures 2013

While we had our Bradford Family Reunion this summer, we had some pictures taken of everyone. There was only 2 people missing from the entire family. Rob didn't make it to the reunion and Riley was at boot camp so he wasn't there. So the picture of Keri's family is missing Riley and I just posted a picture of all my kids together without me and Rob since he wasn't there. Here are some of them in random order. First is my brother JJ and his wife Kayela and kids Asa, Trey, and Kayeli.
My sister Sheila and husband Travis with kids TJ, Kyle, and Brinlee
My dad Jerry and all his grandsons minus Riley
My mom Kaye and all her granddaughters
My parents with their 5 children
The entire family minus Rob and Riley
My parents and all their grandchildren minus Riley
My mom and her daughters
My brother Courtney and his kids Dominic and Jade
Our kids Railey, Robby, Ryder, Ranger, and Rexton
My sister Keri and husband Gerald and kids Eric and wife Kira, their baby Evelyn, Brett, Dana, and Devynn. Riley not pictured
My parents Jerry and Kaye
My Dad with his sons

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