Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet Dayzee

Our female dog "Savvy" as many of you have already read about, had a couple of accidents that really banged her up. We tried to do everything we could to help her get better and heal, but just as she would start to do better she would re-injure herself again. This happened several times. She got to where she wouldn't even try to walk anymore. She pretty much gave up. She wouldn't do anything but just lay down and cry. She had started to bite and snap at everyone too. We finally had to make the decision which we felt was better for her and put her down. It was very hard but in the end we felt it had to be done. We will remember her and the good times we had.
But on a happier note, we got a new little puppy. She is actually Savvy's little sister. They have the same parents, but this puppy was from the next litter. We have named her Dayzee. She is brindle colored, and she is one fiesty puppy. She thinks she is the boss. She loves our other dog "Deke" and she pretty much thinks she is as big as he is. She chases him around the yard and she attacks him. And she does NOT let him take food from her. She growls and chases him off if he even gets close to her when she is eating. It is funny. He has learned not to even try. But they are friends and they cuddle and love on each other too. We think it was good for "Deke" to have her. He was bonded to "Savvy" and we think he would have been pretty lonely by himself.
They are a couple of fun dogs. Our kids love their pets.


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  1. What type of Breed is she? I thought your last dog was a lab?

    They look really beautiful! and I'm sorry about your other dog!