Monday, January 3, 2011

Triplets Turn 5

I know I say this a lot but seriously....where does the time go? I cannot believe these little guys are already 5. They had their 5th birthday on December 16th. It has been quite an adventure the last five years. We didn't know how in the world we were ever going to handle triplets but somehow we have managed to survive...barely. We are very grateful for each one of them even though they test us on a daily basis. They are each so looks and personality. They are trying very hard to teach me patience. We love them so much and I am grateful the lord trusted us enough to give them to us even though there are days I fear we are failing. I couldn't imagine what life was going to be like before they got here and now I can't imagine what it would be like without them. Happy 5th Birthday Boys! We love you!

Boys 1st Birthday

Boys 2nd Birtday

Boys 3rd Birthday

Boys 4th Birthday

Birthday Cake

Each of them blowing out their own 5 candles. We prefer to let them blow on their own cake. Three kids spitting on a birthday cake doesn't make it very appetizing.

Opening their birthday presents. They all got a sleeping bag and some new trucks. And they got the Hot Wheels Track "Criss Cross Crash" They have wanted it for a long time.

Playing "Criss Cross Crash"

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  1. I loved the year by year birthday photos! Happy Birthday Boys! Daycen just turned 5 right after Christmas and I don't know where the time has gone either! I'm glad I can keep up on you through your blog!