Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

It turns out Santa found us this Christmas. Our kids were worried that because we moved that he might not know where we were. They were also worried that even if he knew where we were that he might not be able to get in the house because we don't have a chimney at our new house. They were talking about this between themselves one day and I heard them talking about how maybe he could use the little tube in the laundry room (dryer vent) to get in. I thought that was so cute. However...I am pretty sure the Santa that comes to our house is not getting through a 4 inch round tube. I told them Santa is magic and has magic ways to get into all the houses. Then Grandma sent us a magic Santa Key, so that solved the problem. You hang it outside on your door on Christmas Eve and he will use it to get in. So we hung it and he got into our house. We had a good Christmas. The kids got a lot of fun things. It was a great day. It seemed like it took us forever to get everything unwrapped because they got so excited about each thing they had to stop to play with it. Its a lot of fun to see them get excited. When Ranger opened his name present from his cousin he whooped and hollered. It was a remote control truck. He went on and on about how great it was and then he said, "I've been waiting for one of these my whole life." They keep us laughing with all the funny things they say. And I tell ya...the leapster 2's and the games that Santa brought for the boys have kept them pretty happy. They love them. He just should have left some A/C adapters to go with them. We just might have to buy a few of those. But even with the amount of batteries they are going to go through, it is well worth it. It has stopped them from stealing Railey's leapster out of her room and fighting over who gets to play it once its stolen. Plus, they are teaching them all kinds of things and they don't even know it.

The loot Santa left

Just getting started....seeing what Santa left in their stockings

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  1. I'm so glad you had a good Christmas and I love the key idea. It would be kinda hard for Santa to crawl through the dryer vent with all of the fun stuff he brought you! :)