Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hatching Baby Chicks

Last summer we decided to let the kids see if they could hatch some eggs. So they kept the eggs for a few days and marked them with a marker so they would know which ones to leave outside. The hens kept sitting on them and got very protective of them. We waited the 3 weeks its supposed to take to see what would happen. The kids were heading back to Grandma and Grandpa's house after the family reunion. We were hoping they would hatch before they left but they didn't. The kids headed off to their Grandparents. We figured the eggs weren't going to hatch but we decided to give them a couple more days before we got rid of them. I went out to do chores during the week while the kids were gone and I found 3 chicks. I felt so bad the kids missed it but we took pictures and sent them to them. They got home the next week and went straight out to the coop to see them. They loved playing with them and raising them. The chicks turned out to be roosters so we got rid of them, but it was a fun experience for the kids.

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