Saturday, July 5, 2014

Boys Baptism

The boys were baptized on December 28th, 2013. We decided to have the baptism over Christmas break. It was such a wonderful day. We had many dear friends and family that came to be with us for this special occasion. Many of them had to travel quite a distance to be there. We filled the room. We are so grateful for such good friends and family that support us and our children. We are very blessed. The baptism was held at the chapel in Leamington, Utah at 11:00. Our neighbor and friend Ellen Allred played the piano, Aunt Keri Gappmayer lead the music. Brother Jacob Nielson of our Bishopric conducted the meeting. The opening song was "When Jesus Christ was Baptized." Grandpa Jerry Bradford gave the opening prayer. Then Railey gave a spotlight on the boys. Grandma Kaye Bradford gave a talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Then they were Baptized and confirmed by Rob. Brother Jacob Nielson made some remarks and then we sang the closing song which was "When I am Baptized". Some of the lyrics to this song are "I like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain." That is the reason we have rainbows on the cakes. Then Steve Allred gave the closing prayer. It was such a neat experience to see the boys all dressed in white and sitting there together. They looked like little angels. The spirit was strong and I was overcome with emotion. I like to think that maybe Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs were watching that day as well. After the baptism, we went back to Oak City to our Chapel and had a luncheon. It was a lot of fun to visit with all those that came. The entire day went well. I hope they always remember the spirit that was at their baptism and remember what a special day it was.

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