Monday, July 7, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Since the boys are now 8 years old they have been going to Cub Scouts. They were so excited to start because Railey had been going to Activity Days for the last 4 years and they thought it wasn't fair. I kept telling them that she didn't get to go until she was 8 and that when they turned 8 they would start. So when they FINALLY turned 8, (according to them it took forever), they were more than ready. They had only been going about a month when they had their first Pinewood Derby. They were so into making their cars. They had so much fun racing them. Ryder ended up taking First Place and Robby took 3rd. Ranger didn't place but he was fine with that because he thought he had the coolest looking car. His was a Batman car. Ryder did a green car he called the "Green Machine" and Robby did a Superman Car. They made little stands to display them on one day in scouts so now they have them on display in their bedroom.

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