Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ranger's Trip with Dad

Ranger is the one out of the boys that likes staying close to home. We were concerned about how far we should let him go so we decided to have him start his first show by doing the Salt Lake City show to see how things would be before we sent him off on a show farther away. He still got to miss a couple days of school. He had a lot of fun staying in the Hotel and going out to eat. He was excited he got to go to Sizzler one night. He was happy about going to Salt Lake. At the show there was a rock climbing wall and he wanted to try it. Not only did he try it but he got clear to the top a few times. He thought he was King of the World. The booth next to ours was a Lady who was selling these things you stand on and they shake you and vibrate and are supposed to help with back pain. Well, she took a liking to Ranger and told him he could stand on them whenever he wanted. He spent a couple days standing on these things and being shaken. He thought it was so fun. To him it was like a ride at a theme park. Our booth was also close to the Dock Dogs. He spent a lot of time watching the dogs jump off the dock and into the water to retrieve. He thought that was awesome. I can't find any other pictures of that show except of him climbing the wall so here they are.

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