Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ryder's Cross Country Trip

Ryder's trip with Rob turned out to be an extended vacation. They left on January 22nd and did not come home until February 20th. Originally we thought they would be gone about 3 weeks. We met with his teacher and the principal before we decided to let him go that long. The principal thought it was a great idea. His teacher made a packet of work for each day that he would miss and then he was supposed to read everyday and work on spelling word lists. They had a show in Kansas first and then they had a 10 day show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. While they were in Harrisburg they found another show in Philadelphia right after the Harrisburg show ended so the trip ended up being a week longer than planned. Luckily we set up Skype accounts before we started tradeshow season so we were able to still see each other and video chat each night before all the kids went to bed. It makes it a lot easier being able to see them when they are gone for so long. Ryder loved every minute of the trip other than he got a little car sick while traveling. He is a natural little salesman. At the first show there was a lady that had a face painting booth and she painted his face each day for advertising. He got to hold a falcon at one show and they went Chocolate World when they had a couple days in between shows. They passed through many different states while traveling. He thinks its neat that he has been to more place than his mom. He says he is ready to go again next year.

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