Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wrestling Season

The town of Delta is all about wrestling. The little league wrestling is crazy. There are so many kids that wrestle. There are usually 4 teams with about 25 kids on each team. The boys decided they wanted to wrestle again this year. We started in January and ended with the tournament on February 20th. Ryder was gone on his trip for most of the season but he made it back the day of the tournament so we threw him in and he wrestled. He ended up fourth in his weight class. Robby made it through most of the season but struggled this winter with coughing because of his asthma. He ended up coughing so hard one night at practice that he threw up all over the mat. He can't run as much as the other kids or he starts coughing. He was so embarrassed that he said he didn't want to wrestle anymore. So he was done about a week before it was over. I have always thought he didn't really enjoy it but did it anyway because all of his friends from school are there. So for him it was social hour. He never cared if he won or not. He still says he isn't going to wrestle anymore. Ranger is our tough man. He loves wrestling and he is strong. He loves learning the moves and trying to use them in his matches. He did great in all his matches. He ended up taking first in his weight class again this year. He was pretty excited to be the Champion two years in a row. These are a few pictures of Ranger and Ryder and then of their team.

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