Monday, July 7, 2014

Robby's Trip to Montana

This last winter Rob decided that he wanted to take each of the boys on a trip to one of the tradeshows he does during the winter. The boys couldn't have been more excited. They love the one on one time they get. None of our kids have spent much time staying in hotels so that alone is exciting for them. Not to mention getting to go to restaurants to eat and getting to see new places. And they were each going to get to miss some school. Robby got the first turn and he went to Montana. He had so much fun. His trip was the second week in January. He got to see some cool wildlife at the show. They saw a moose while they were driving and they stopped at the temple in Idaho Falls and went to the visitors center. When he came home he kept telling us how beautiful Montana is. He is still talking about when he went to Montana. He loved it.

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