Monday, July 7, 2014

Short Hair for Railey

Back this last fall, Railey was certain she wanted to cut her hair and have it kind of short. We talked about it a lot and she decided to go ahead and do it. So we cut it into a slight A-line, and layered up the back. It was so cute. She could still let it go curly and it was super cute or she could blow it out straight too. She decided not too long after that she didn't like it. She hated having to straighten it but she hated how short it was curly. So anyway, I have heard nothing but grief about it since we did it. She gets mad at me everyday when she does her hair and tells me how much she hates her hair short. According to her, it is all my fault because I let her cut it. I will never be so happy as when her hair gets long again. I forgot to take pictures right after we cut it so these pictures aren't that great but you can kind of see how it is.

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